Your Trust-Worthy Pet

Who will care for Simba, Fluffy, or Lucy, our beloved pets, after we die?
There has been a recent surge of interest in Pet Trusts as high-profile individuals have died with significant provisions in their Wills or Trusts for their animals.  Last week it was reported that ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Brittish fashion design legend, left $82,000 to his 3 dogs, Minter, Juice, and Callum.  According to the Daily Telegraph of London, the dogs received the same amount as each of McQueen’s long time housekeepers.  He also left a fortune to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and animal welfare charity, Blue Cross.

Providing for pets has a long history in the courts.  In 1889, an English court upheld a testamentary gift for the maintenance of horses and dogs. And, McQueen isn’t the first celebrity who has seen fit to provide for a pet beyond the grave. In 2007, Leona Helmsley’s dog, Trouble, made headlines when it was discovered that Helmsley left Trouble $12 million. A judge later reduced this amount to $2 million – still sizeably more than McQueen’s relatively deprived threesome!

Pets are very real members of the family that need to be addressed in the estate planning mix.  The Humane Society of the U.S., estimates that about 400,000 pets a year need to find new homes because their owners die.

Creating a pet trust is one way to ensure your furry or feathered companions are well taken care of, even after you’re gone. Don’t simply leave behind written instructions on how you’d like your pet to be treated, as these are not enforceable.

To learn more about how to provide for you pets, read more about Pet Trusts, by Debra G. Simms.  Also, check it out at
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