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As one year ends and the new one beckons, it is time for your annual estate planning check-up!

This is a good time to make sure your estate plan reflects the events in your life, those both within and beyond your control.

  1. Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way. A Will says how you want your assets distributed upon your death. But, don’t just put your will in the safe or drawer and then forget about it.  Review your Will and determine if any changes are needed because of changed family circumstances; for example, is the person you named to be your Personal Representative or guardian still the right one for the job?  Or, maybe one of your children has a problem handling money – should his or her money be held in trust rather than given outright?
  2. Consider a Living Trust. Like a Will, a living trust provides for the distribution of your assets when you die.  But, unlike a Will, a living trust can avoid the probate process – probate involves a Court and can be lengthy and expensive. Trusts are also more private as they are generally not required to be recorded upon death.
  3. Who has the Power? Who have you named in your Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Directives?  Are they still the right people to handle your finances and make medical decisions if you cannot do so for yourself?
  4. Think about your end-of-life decisions. Do you have a current Living Will that provides guidance to loved ones concerning difficult end-of-life decisions? Does your Living Will discuss tube feeding, artificial hydration, and use of certain medications if you become terminally ill and can no longer speak for yourself?  Make sure your Living Will ensures that all your wishes are met.


The Law Office of Debra G. Simms offers free estate planning consultations. Consider bringing your documents to her for a New Year’s check-up! Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call for your free consultation~386.256.4882 or toll-free 877.447.4667.

End of life medical care

I am writing this because I help people make decisions about end of life medical care. I am not a doctor; I am a lawyer. I constantly hear from my clients about how their loved ones were tortured before they died. That’s right. I said tortured. Not suffered. What they are telling me is that their parents were given useless care, wasteful care, and futile care. And, for many of them, unwanted care. Unwanted treatment seems especially common near the end of life.

  I believe one of the most urgent issues facing American medical care today, is people getting medical interventions that if they were more informed, they would not want. It happens all the time. The U.S. medical system was built to treat anything that might be treatable, at any stage of life, even near the end, when there is no hope of a cure.
  Yet, most of my clients tell me they would prefer quality time and relative normalcy to all-out intervention. Let’s face it – it’s almost impossible to be really in charge when we are sick and in the hospital. We are helpless, confused, and scared. We must exercise control while we still have it-before we get sick.

Law Offices of Debra G. Simms

At the Law Offices of Debra G. Simms, we help our clients make end of life, quality of life, decisions by preparing legal documents that direct who will make medical decisions for us once we cannot do so on our own, and documents that direct how far medical treatment should go if we are in a vegetative state, an end-stage condition, or terminal condition and there is no hope of recovery. We, at the Law Offices of Debra G. Simms believe that when people receive good communication and understand what’s involved, many will not want aggressive treatment at the end of life. Call us for a free appointment to discuss your legal rights to end of life medical decisions. It’s YOUR life.
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