Online Legal Services Are Not What You Think!

I have blogged about this before, but it really bears repeating.  Online document preparation services for estateplanning will never match the value of a real attorney-client relationship.  Here are some of my reasons:
1. Deciding which estate plan is best for you and your family has critical tax and other legal implications. Everyone has different needs, and only by speaking with a lawyer about your goals and plans can you make an informed choice about the right estate plan.
2. The law is always changing.  Lawyers versed in their state’s laws and the most recent changes can keep you up to date on these developments.
3. The basic packages are incomplete.  Most online services offer the basics such as wills and deeds, but they can not advise you about probate and incapacity tools such as revocable trusts and lady bird deeds.  A lawyer will advise you of your options as part of the intake consultation, often for no fee.
4. Generic documents are merely models.  A lawyer can tailor documents to your needs so that you have protection that makes sense for you.
5. You are stuck with their prices.  When you work with a lawyer, you can negotiate a flat fee or hourly rate depending on your needs.  With online services, that is not an option.
6. The advertised prices are not what they seem.  The price for a simple will may only be $79.  But, what if you want a more sophisticated document because of special family circumstances?  You can easily spend hundreds of dollars more for something that might be included with the attorney.
7. No on-going relationships.  Your estate plan documents are prepared and all of a sudden a legal issue comes up.  When you contact an online service for information, you might get a customer service hotline!  There is nothing like a real life lawyer who knows you and your family and get can right to the heart of the problem.
I hope you consider this before using an online service for your legal needs.  You pay hundreds of dollars every month to insure and protect your car and your house.  Why not protect your assets for a fraction of this cost?  Don’t cut corners on this important legal foundation.
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Debra G. Simms

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