Are There Problems with Joint Assets?

Yes, there can be. Many of my new clients tell me that they do not need certain estate planning documents because their adult child (or other trusted person) is a joint owner on their bank accounts.  They believe that this

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Is Technology the Answer?

CAN TECHNOLOGY KEEP YOU SAFE FROM ELDER ABUSE AND EXPLOITATION? Elders lose millions of dollars per year according the latest statistics from the National Adult Protective Services Association. Ninety percent of the abusers are family members or trusted others.  Sadly,

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Have You Planned End of Life Choices?

END OF LIFE OPTIONS One of the services that I offer my clients is a Living Will. This document is a legal declaration of what type of care your wish to have if you are in the end stage of

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Advance Directives and Alzheimer’s

Most estate plans include advance directives that state your wishes for health care and end of life decisions.  But, as some families are finding out, these advance directives may not be specific enough for certain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. Without

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What Does an Estate Planning Attorney Do?

The Role of an Estate Planning Attorney Planning for end of life is a difficult but necessary process.  Part of this planning is the creation of a legally binding estate plan that dictates your wishes and appoints certain people with

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Are You Single?

Estate Planning for Singles Single people with no children are usually able to save more money than others and yet it may be likely that they have not put much effort into their estate plans. Here are 4 simple tips

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Many of us tend to procrastinate about making hard decisions.  Unfortunately, with estate planning and elder care, this can have dire consequences. Recently, an 80 year old lady came to see me about doing her Will.  She was clear in

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What is an Estate?

What actually is your estate? An estate is your net worth on your date of death. It includes all property that you own or control such as bank accounts, real estate, life insurance policies, stocks, and personal property like artwork,

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The content of your will and other estate planning documents is very important. If you choose to write your will yourself, your family could face a number of obstacles after you are gone. As your will passes through probate court, its content

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Could Your Heirs Be a Problem?

“Problem” Heirs Do you have a child or heir with credit problems or a drug or alcohol problem?  Or maybe your child is having marital problems and you do not want their spouse to end up with your money!  None

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