How Much Does it Really Cost to Die?

Good News!  It’s cheap to die in Florida! A recent Fox News report quoted a list of the 10 most expensive states to die in after figuring the median out-of-pocket funeral costs and median end-of-life medical care in each of

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Are You Planning on Leaving Money to Charity?

What is a Charitable Bequest? A charitable bequest is simply a distribution from your estate to a charitable organization through your last will and testament or trust.   There are different kinds of bequests.  For each, you must use very specific

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Who Has Copies of Your Documents?

Should you give copies of your Will and other estate planning documents to your children and to the Personal Representatives of your estate?  For some people, their estate planning documents are as private as their income tax returns, and nobody

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Where Do You Keep Your Important Documents?

The best place to keep signed original estate planning documents The best place is probably in a safe deposit box because it will protect the documents from theft, fire, accidental loss, and most other types of damage or harm.  A

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Trust in a Living Trust

Like a Will, a living trust provides for distributions of an asset to named beneficiaries.  Unlike a Will, however, a living trust avoids the probate process- which can be lengthy and expensive- and a trust is shielded from public inspection. 

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Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

Do You Have a Will? A Will is the primary legal document for determining how your assets will be distributed and what would happen to your minor children on your death.  But you can’t just place your Will in a

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Are You Sharing a Bank Account with Your Adult Child?

Why Seniors Should Not Share a Joint Bank Account with an Adult Child Case Study:  85 year old Mom comes to see me because she received a notice from her bank that her entire savings account is frozen.  There is

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The Hardest Conversation

Do You Have a Living Will? Clients come to my office to talk with me about planning for incapacity and death.  These are hard conversations to have, even in an elder law attorney’s office. Of all the documents that I

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Who Will You Give Your Personal Property To?

How to Dispose of your Personal Property When you Pass Florida law permits the use of a separate writing referred to in a Will to dispose of tangible personal property if it is not otherwise mentioned in the Will. The

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Do You Have Digital Assets?

Keeping Digital Assets in the Family Nowadays, many of us have “digital assets”.  Digital assets include Bitcoin, blogs that earn income, reward points for credit cards or airlines, and those with sentimental value such as digital photographs and social media.

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